3D Animations

The animation can show 3D models in motion, simulate the physical properties of materials and move within a three-dimensional environment. 3D animations can represent real objects, to show their shape or characteristics, or scientific concepts, workflows, abstract representations and so on. We also produce stereoscopic 3D animations: this technique, now widely used in movies, involves the use of special screens and glasses that allow you to perceive the depth of the 3D scene. It is essential, for us, the understanding of every aspect of what we then explain in the clearest and precisely way.

This showreel contains clips from several 3D animations we made during the past years. The production ranges from TV commercials, broadcast on local and national networks, to technical animations used at trade fairs or published by our clients through their communication channels, to illustrate the characteristics and benefits of their products.

The representation of outdoor scenes must adopt special techniques to handle the complex geometries of terrain, vegetation, water and other environmental elements, even the lighting and weather effects play a crucial role in making lifelike images.  We have created, especially in cooperation with Videoproduzione, a large amount of institutional and educational documentaries. Some of these movies were made with the stereoscopic 3D technique.

In the production of medical and scientific animations, it's essential that the specific expertise of customers (typically pharmaceutical companies and academics) are transposed and then exposed with the utmost clarity and scientific accuracy. Each animation is therefore made on the basis of photographs, movies and documentation of real clinical cases. The animations were presented during courses and international conferences, and were published on several websites, multimedia projects and DVD.

Click2Drive is an italian highway code e-learning web portal for which we have created hundreds of animations and 3D images that accompany the lessons and a happy and colorful institutional advertising spot. In these movies and images are also present advertising inserts that can be replaced and updated by an automatic management system.

This movie was made in collaboration with Dorocatrame for GIVI, leader in motorcycle helmets and accessories production . The subject is the new "XPlus" helmet that, thanks to several graphical effects in a virtual space, shows its benefits and features against adverse environmental and atmospheric conditions. The movie was published on the corporate website and in international meetings.

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