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The animation can show 3D models in motion, simulate the physical properties of materials and move within a three-dimensional environment. 3D animations can represent real objects, to show their shape or characteristics, or scientific concepts, workflows, abstract representations and so on. It is essential, for us, the understanding of every aspect of what we then explain in the clearest and precisely way.

3D graphics allows to create animated sequences and still-life with products and objects that actually exist or are still in the design phase but also, and above all, allows to illustrate their characteristics and operation thanks to special visual effects, sections, transparencies, exploded views etc ... Over the years we have made several videos for promotional purposes, but also tutorials and guides for the installation and maintenance of products.

The representation of outdoor scenes must adopt special techniques to handle the complex geometries of terrain, vegetation, water and other environmental elements, even the lighting and weather effects play a crucial role in making lifelike images. We have created, during last years, a large amount of institutional and educational documentaries.

In the production of medical and scientific animations, it's essential that the specific expertise of customers (typically pharmaceutical companies and academics) are transposed and then exposed with the utmost clarity and scientific accuracy. Each animation is therefore made ​​on the basis of photographs, movies and documentation of real clinical cases. The animations were presented during courses and international conferences, and were published on several websites, multimedia projects and DVD.

Creating animations that illustrate manufacturing or engineering processes, or the operation of complex plants and machinery is a challenging task for which is needded, in addition to the graphic skills, the complete understanding of the concepts to be illustrated and the ability to tell them in a clear and comprehensive way, also for those people that not working in the sector.