3D Characters

The creation and animation of a character is a process that starts from the idea and design, defining what will be his attitudes and his movements. The 3D model is then created along with animation controls that, typically, are an internal skeleton and a set of facial expressions that allow to fix, in every time step, the body posture and facial expressions.

A quick roundup of 3D characters we have made in recent years for advertising, corporate videos and entertainment.


3DMedia Toonz! was awarded first place in the "Metamorphosis contest". The contest, organized by site treddi.com, proposed the creation of a 3D character that would represent the evolution and transformation of the human race in a hypothetical future, due to genetic mutations, nanotechnology or external influences. A jury of experts evaluated our work in terms of creative and technical, declaring our victory!

The MePA (Electronic Marketplace for Public Administration) is the portal, made by the italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, through which all purchases, relating to the standard management of the Public Administration, are made. We have produced for Consip, the provider of that service, a DVD containing several 3D animations with three animated characters which represent the request, the supply and the intermediation. Every scene playfully introduces the functions of the portal, then explained in detail through the use of animated screen captures.

In these episodes, the RuB valves demonstrate their features and their advantages comparing with a valve of dubious origin. In the first episode the valves are at school, brilliantly overcome the various examinations and will receive a certificate of quality at the end of the course. In the second episode we follow the valves from shipment until installation. Both were published in 7 languages and shown at trade shows and international meetings.

This short animation, which tells about the misadventure of a spaceman, was carried out between late 2003 and early 2004 to test some 3D animation and video compositing techniques, and subsequently has been reported by some major Web portals that deal with 3D animation.

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