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The unstoppable growing and diffusion of mobile devices and social networks has undeniably changed the way we communicate. The primary need is often (as has always been in the creation of multimedia works) to dynamically and easily organize different media; but today, more than ever, the need is also to make something surprising and original. In particular, our Apps are developed based on a real-time 3D graphics engine, with which you can explore environments and interact with objects for simulations, games, and Augmented Reality presentations. All Apps are made for iOS (iPhone and iTab) and Android devices.

UpSurgeOn is the first platform dedicated to neurosurgery and neuroanatomy learning. It's a revolution in Neurosurgery Learning: a team of young neurosurgeons, developers and digital artists who have developed an innovative library of contents to support neurosurgical education globally with hi-tech/low cost tools.

AR Showcase is an innovative mobile App that presents objects and products through Augmented Reality. Imagine that you always have an entire catalogue of models that you can examine and see in the surrounding environment through the screen of your device: you can interact with 3D models by activating special functions such as animations, materials selection, technical notes, transparencies, etc...

3D Sign Language Alphabet

The Sign Language is a visual language that uses a set of coded gestures, called signs, to represent words and letters. With this app you will quickly familiarize yourself with the Sign Language Alphabet, learning the alphabet in an easy and fun way, you will also be able to test your skill level with an easy quiz. A big first step toward being fluent in Sign Language!

Dung Rings

The Dung Rings puzzle is based on the Hungarian Rings puzzle, it consists of 38 balls with 4 different colors inside two interwoven rings. To solve the game, you must rotate the left and right rings so to set the balls of each corresponding colors next to each other.